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"My, what a soft nose you have."

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"Just my size."


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"Molly and Baylee" posing pretty for the camera.

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"Pretty as a picture."


"Dawn" taking our Grandson, "Dalton" for a ride.

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"Bailey" saying, "Come on....give me a KISS!



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"Angel", our Howling Horse.


Our Grandson "Darrell" atop gelding "Hoot".



"Waterford" showing his natural heart-melting expression.


Baby Welcoming Committee!



Come on in...our barn door is always open!


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"Cheyenne"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
"Ruby"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare
"Chic"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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