Cheyenne Blessing By Evie - "Cheyenne"
Registered Spotted Saddle Horse -
SSHBEA #11000394
Foaled: 1999
Black Pinto Mare w/1 Blue Eye
Approx. 15hh

Thank you Evie for this GORGEOUS, SWEET mare!!  You did such a wonderful job of raising and training her!  She is so people oriented, we (along with everyone that meets her!) just LOVE her!

"Cheyenne" is a real sweetheart of a mare! This mare has been ridden hundreds of miles all over Kentucky, and is now busy racking up more miles here in Ontario since her arrival to us on May 10, 2010. 

She bathes, ties, loads, lunges, stands for all ground work, bridles and saddles like a pro.  She neck reins and has a wonderful smooth gait. This is an absolutely wonderful horse for beginner riders like us, that just want some worry free riding.

Although we have personally only used her for trail and road riding, before coming here, she was used not only for trail riding, but also for working cattle. She had also been used to swim through deep water and pony young horses, has been ridden in 4-H for competitive trails and parades as a flag carrier for FFA and even did night rides!

She was purchased to be my husband's riding horse, but I have now OFFICIALLY claimed her as my own personal riding horse! 

She has had a number of wonderful foals over the years for her previous owner, however, I have no intention of breeding her. Prior to her coming to us, Cheyenne had the same owner since she was just 4 months of age.

Cheyenne is said to be out of a lemon spotted unregistered mare and sired by a black pinto registered stallion, however, no further information is known as to names, lineage etc., which is OK, as we don't ride her papers or pedigree!  :-)

We were able to have Cheyenne registered with SSHBEA by providing videos of her to prove she is gaited, so she is now OFFICIALLY a registered mare!

UPDATE (September 2017): SADLY, for the past almost 2 years, Cheyenne has been suffering with year-round recurrent bouts of laminitis due to Insulin Resistance, therefore she is officially "semi-retired". She has BIG shoes to fill, and I doubt I will ever find another horse as good. This girl has been my security blanket for the past 7 years. She has taught me sooo much, and has been a great confidence builder, but at the same time, has spoiled me, and I only have confidence in her, and not with all horses.  I need to work on trying to improve on that.  I will definitely still ride her when I can...when she is sound and feeling up to it. She is definitely my HEART HORSE !







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