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meandchrishorses.jpg (21916 bytes)
Chris (on "Prince") and Myself (on "Venus") back in 1992. 
"Venus", was a 7/8 Arab mare, and was the first
horse I ever owned and loved.

angelclown.jpg (13521 bytes)
"Angel" poses for pics with the clowns at an
Anuual Family Day that we were asked to bring
a few horses to that the local Paper Mill puts on.
These clowns just loved her!


Mvc-389f.jpg (23284 bytes)
"Here you go, I won't hurt you", says our
Grandson Darrell(almost 2 yrs in pic) to "Bay-B-Blue".

timmyrun.jpg (12368 bytes)
"Timmy" out for a run at his new home here in Canada!


playgirljr.jpg (23243 bytes)
Our Grandson Junior(age 3 in photo) saying,
"Playgirl, I looove you".
Mvc-084s.jpg (17340 bytes)
Junior,(age 4 in photo) picking flowers
for "Lyndsey", his favorite horse.


warrior.jpg (19640 bytes)
"Warrior" struttin' his stuff.
tourismontario.jpg (24596 bytes)
We were invited to bring some minis to an Open House
hosted by the Local Tourist center. The public loved them!

Mvc-093s.jpg (16571 bytes)
Junior enjoying a ride on "Lyndsey"
Mvc-172f.jpg (15732 bytes)
Darrell meeting "Paleface" for the first time.


bearcottontail.jpg (15228 bytes)
"Bear" the Great Pyrenees and "Cottontail"
boysandcottontail.jpg (30041 bytes)
"Cottontail", with our grandsons "Junior", and "Darrell"


Our babies LOVE attention!!! Shown here is my Mom out in the pasture with some of the
horses gathered around her looking for their share of the luv'n!


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Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare
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Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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