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What used to be...


jodienormy.jpg (5271 bytes)
Jodie showing "Stormy"
at one of his first shows.
kidsplgrcrop.jpg (6368 bytes)
Alex and Darren enjoy
a ride on "Playgirl".
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Dad and a lap full of love!
Chihuahuas - Lacy, Zoey, Missy and Panda
normtong.jpg (24524 bytes)
"Stormy" showing Jodie what he thinks of this Show Business!



herd1.jpg (26697 bytes)
Just a group of our mares, all lined up nicely.


homogirls.jpg (15505 bytes)
2 of our Homozygous girls...
"Liley"(silver) and "Firefly"(sorrel)
scratch.jpg (22695 bytes)
"Awwwwww, that feels sooooo goooood!


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artpuzzle.jpg (21702 bytes)
"Voodoo" out for a winter run.


voodooinhousepuzzle.jpg (8982 bytes)
meonponypuzzle.jpg (8380 bytes)
Me on a pony at my Aunt & Uncles
farm in Saskatchewan at age 4.


"Waterford" checking out the snow on the first day of his arrival into Canada from California!

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"Cheyenne"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
"Ruby"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare
"Chic"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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