Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Foaled: 2006
Bay Pinto Mare
Approx. 14.2

"Ruby" is another sweetheart of a mare! This beautiful mare comes to us all the way from from Indiana. She arrived here on May 1, 2015.

So far, Ruby is showing us that she is a very willing mare, that is accepting of most anything. She bathes, ties, loads, stands for all ground work, bridles and saddles without any problem.  She is traffic safe and has a nice slower gait, which is what we were looking for in this girl. We were told she is suitable for any level rider, and that she was ridden for the summer (2014) by a 10 year old girl. We think maybe she was allowed to take advantage of this young girl somewhat, as she does seem to be a little stubborn at times, but NEVER in a mean way...just braces/locks her neck in. I'll be working with Ruby on a few things, and we are looking forward to some comfortable trail and road riding while getting to know her a little better.

She always makes sure to give her "Good Morning" nicker when she sees me coming with the feed.  Maybe it's more of a HURRY UP and FEED ME nicker, but it sounds sweet anyway! 

Ruby has for sure, had at least one past foal, a bay pinto colt in 2010. It is unknown to me if she has had any more before or since then.

UPDATE -December 4, 2015: Ruby has been here for 7 months now, and we are very pleased with her.  As Chris says, "She's not perfect, but no horse is. She just keeps getting better with every ride."




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Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
"Ruby"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare
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Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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