Whelped September 25, 2017.


Max is a Blue Harlequin male Great Dane. Whelped September 25. 2017. He arrived home on December 15, 2017, weighing in at 30.4 lbs at 11.5 weeks of age. Max was neutered at 6 months of age.

It was quite a rough few months after he got here, as he had diarrhea right from his arrival on. At first, we thought it was just from the change of food, water, plus he was vaccinated that same day and also the stress of moving into a new home. After a couple of weeks went by with no improvement, we took him back to the vet for a fecal, and it was determined after testing that he was positive for Giardia. After a couple of treatments, that was cleared up, but still have been having trouble with the runs.  Switching to different foods was not really working either.  I finally cut back on his food and that has helped immensely, but the problem with that is, he is always looking thin.  At least he's healthy!!! Hopefully he fills out with age!

Max is such a SMART, sweet boy.  He catches onto things quite easily and quickly it seems. He loves his walks and especially loves playing/roughhousing with Macy! I swear the two of them could go forever! They're usually not too far away from one another, and most often, when they are not playing together, they are sharing a bed and sleeping together.

Nicknames include: Maxi, Maximus, Maxamillion, Mad Max, Mr. Max.

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Please be sure to check back often to watch for updated photos of Max as he matures!


Please have your pets SPAYED or Neutered!

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