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Rodlins Uptown Abby

Born: April 22, 2008.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

May 25, 2017.

I have put this addition of Abby to the Rainbow Bridge page for 9 months already.  It still hurts so bad to have to put it down in writing. It makes it all seem too "final". I miss this beautiful girl sooo much! 

Abby moved right in and stole everyone's hearts. She was out first "cropped" Boxer, and she looked sooo "regal" with those beautiful erect ears of hers. She was advertised as "to be sold to show home only", but I fell so in love with her picture, I contacted the breeders to see if I could bring her home to love her as a companion instead. Imagine my joy and excitement when they replied with a YES!  Abby was always by my side...my constant companion.  She always loved to be right there, doing or watching whatever I was doing. She loved to watch the new foals each Spring when I raised Miniature horses.  Ever the "lady" with them and never rough.  It was her way with everything.  Always patient and kind with kids and dogs alike. 

Sadly, she was FAAAAAAR too young to have left us. She was our second Boxer to suffer from the debilitating disease DM (Degenerative  Myelopathy). It is a disease that runs rampant in the Boxer breed.  A simple DNA test can be done by responsible breeders now, but sadly, not enough people do it.  When Abby was born though, they test was not yet available. I did have her tested to confirm what I suspected, and sure enough, she was confirmed to have DM.  It is so very heartbreaking to watch your beautiful companion lose all coordination in their rear end and get to the point that they can no longer walk.

Before Abby left us, she did a wonderful job of shaping our next Boxer girl (Macy) as a new member of the family, showing her the ropes, teaching her the routines of our home. Macy couldn't have had a better teacher. I really enjoyed watching the special bond between them. Abby did a great job with Macy, but Macy will have a BIG pair of shoes to fill to become even half the girl that Abby was.

The day before we had her put to sleep, I took her to Fort Frances with me...just the two of us, and had a "Mom & Me" day.  I treated her to her very own Mama Burger from A&W.  She must have thought I had lost my mind, but she readily gulped it down in record time before I had a chance to change my mind.

So long Abby girl. We love and miss you so much.  I know Gramma Flo was waiting there for you, as you were always a favorite of hers, and her "Baby", as she would call you. Until we meet again beautiful girl.


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Last Chance Apache Angel

Born: April 17, 1996.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

October 8, 2016.

Although not a "house pet", Angel deserves a special mention here on our Rainbow Bridge page. Angel was one of my very first minis born where after I started raising Miniature Horses. She was such a beautiful foal, and she remained a beautiful girl, both inside and out, throughout her entire life.  Yes, she could be stubborn when she wanted to be, but was always sweet and loving.  I had been watching and waiting for her arrival, for quite awhile, and in the end, I missed her birth anyway.  I was sooo delighted to see her beautiful little self, standing safe and sound, almost completely dried off already, next to her dam when I walked out to find her in the stall that morning. She was such a cocky little thing, yet loving too!  Just so sure of herself. Throughout her years with us, she foaled 5 beautiful foals for me. She lived with us for most of her life, but went to live with a friend for 4½ years.  She was in foal when she went, and foaled another colt while there.  We got Angel back in November 2013, where she remained until the time of her death. She lived out in the pasture with the big horses, and Cheyenne seemed to really take her under her wing. That sweet little girl will surely be missed, but I know "Gramma Flo" was there at the bridge, waiting for Angel to cross.  Angel was always Mom's favorite mini.  Mom will be happy to have her in Heaven with her, to lavish her with affection!

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  Born: December 9, 2002.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

March 1, 2012.

"Brandi" came home to live with us on December 7, 2010.  She was my Mom and Stepdad's dog that my sister and I had bought for them back in the Spring of 2003 after they had to have their beloved little Long Coat Chihuahua "Peerie" put to sleep.  In November 2009, my stepdad was hospitalized and in March 2010, was placed in a nursing home, and passed away October 23, 2011.  Since November of 2009, it has been just Brandi and Mom at home. In September 2010 when Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, one of her very first concerns was wondering what would happen to Brandi, and asked if I would take her when she was gone, and I assured her I would.  Mom would look at Brandi and giggle at the thought of Brandi moving here with us and becoming a little "farm dog" and country girl.

Unfortunately, a long term relationship with Brandi was not meant to be for us.  Brandi had some major anxiety issues that worsened over time, to the point where it became evident that she would be better off back in the loving arms of her "Mom and Dad".  I know they will all be so very happy to once again, be together as a family, and who knows, maybe they "called her home" to them, wanting us to make the dreaded decision we were faced to make with her.  I know in my heart we did the right thing, and know Mom and Jim would have approved, but it didn't make things any easier.  I held Brandi in my arms as she took her last breath before leaving us to join her Mom and Dad.

 ♥♥♥ May you REST IN PEACE Mom, Jim and Brandi, knowing that you have all been reunited for eternity. ♥♥♥

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  All pets shown below, gathered at the gates of Rainbow Bridge to greet "Gramma Flo" (on November 23, 2010) and Grandpa (on October 23, 2011) as they crossed over to join them.
I am sure they were smothered in kisses and slobbers, and they both would have loved every minute of it! What a truly GLORIOUS reunion that must have been!



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  Born: December 5, 2002.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

June 16, 2010.

Oh gee, I have been putting this task off, as it means it is all so "final"...our dear, sweet Molly is really gone, and won't be coming back.  On June 16, 2010, Molly left us, to be reunited with her dearest canine friend, "Baylee" (aka "Old Mother Hen"), the two of them shown in the first of the two photos above. 

Where do I begin...Molly was Molly.  She was such a special little girl.  She was our resident clown, always making us laugh or bringing a smile to our faces with her crazy antics, and her big sloppy kisses.  What I would give to once again have the chance to tell her to stop licking, or to stop attacking the broom or vacuum, or fly swatter, or to give our grandsons heck for tormenting Molly, knowing as soon as they clicked the trigger, it would send Molly running to bite their plastic toy guns. How it drove me crazy then, but to have it all back again would be so beautiful.  Molly loved water like no dog I have seen!  No, not a bath, but she loved to attack the water hose while I was filling or cleaning water troughs for the horses, or watering the lawn or plants.  Molly was so special, and she leaves such a huge void in our lives. No more Molly to come running as soon as she hears the bread bag rattling, looking for her "crust", or when she hears the icemaker on the fridge as I would prepare to get a glass of water, for she knew if she came running, she'd get a milk bone, and she would never let me forget her morning and evening treat of "Rollover", for if I did forget, she would just stay sitting on the mat in front of the cupboard looking at me until I figured it out.  She was a smart little cookie that one, and she always got what she wanted. It didn't matter how uncomfortable you were, as long as she was comfortable, we were all happy. It was all about Molly...what Molly wanted, Molly got.

Unfortunately, Molly's life was cut very short, at just 7½ years of age, when Chris accidentally ran her over on the way up to the house from the garage.  He thinks her and Abby were rough housing and Abby likely pounced at Molly, causing Molly to jump backwards, and under the back tire of the truck. It's all like a bad nightmare that I wish I could erase from my mind, but we feel Molly never suffered, as when she was run over, I believe it broke her spine causing her to be totally paralyzed, thankfully, and not feeling the pain.  There was no blood, no terrible cries of pain...just the initial one short yelp and that was all.  God spared her, and I find comfort in knowing that she did not suffer, and that she knew how much we loved her, and that she died in my arms on the way to the vet about a half hour after the accident happened. 

Oh Molly, what I would give to be able to hold you in my arms again, to comfort you in a storm, to snuggle with you under the blankets.  We have never had to deal with such a sudden loss of one of our beloved pets in the past.  We have always had the time to "brace ourselves" for their loss, whether it be due to old age, or failing health, but never due to such an unexpected tragedy.

Molly, I can't wait for the day that we meet up again and you come running over and jump on me once again with those big, sloppy kisses of yours, and I won't even tell you to stop!  Until then Molly, I know you know how much we love you, but we're telling you again....we love you sooooooo very much our dear little girl!!  Until we meet again, love Mom and Dad   xxxooo

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Born: April 22, 1996.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

February 13, 2007.

"Baylee" was a purebred, but non-registered Boxer.  She was rotten to the core as a youngster, and she was Clyde's best friend...they were only days apart in age, and were at each other's side all the time. It was a rare occasion that you would see one, without the other one right next to them. She was always the "boss", and she made the rules!  She was always hanging from Clyde's neck, and even ripped a small tear in one of his ears from her rough puppy play, and sharp puppy teeth, but he never minded her rough housing at all!

We thought she would be lost without Clyde when he passed, but not long after, we got "Molly", a little Boston Terrier pup.  I truly expected Baylee to take a real disliking to her, but much to my pleasure, and surprise, she accepted her quite readily, and seemed to take on a "motherly" role towards Molly.  We often laughed at Baylee when my parent's dog Brandi would be here.  She is the same age as Molly, and is a small Terrier/Chihuahua mix.  When Brandi and Molly would play, old Baylee would get in there and all that was needed was a dirty look from her, or sometimes a bunt with her nose.  We would laugh and call her "Mother Hen", or say "Listen up girls, Mother Hen has spoken".  Baylee was always protective or jealous of the dogs she loved most, and would quickly step in between "her" dog and anything else she felt may be a threat to the relationship.

Baylee started showing some muscle wasting just in front of the base of her tail early 2006.  As time progressed, her rear end became weaker, and her muscle in her rear legs atrophied to flab-like mush.  She had lost all muscle tone and coordination in her rear end over the following year.  It was very sad to see such a bright-eyed, alert, young at heart lady, with a body that would not keep up to the mind.  We bought carpet runners to place on all bare floor surfaces, and had various mats here and there to help her get around, but it finally got too bad, and overcame her.  She could barely walk 5 steps without losing balance and/or falling.  She had no control of which direction her legs would move, and would fall over a few times trying to take a poop. It was a neurological problem...pinched nerves or something, and did not appear to be in a whole lot of pain.  She seemed to not have much feeling in those back legs.  Finally, 2 days before we had her put to sleep, she stopped eating.  We feel it was due to some bad stomach issues that 2 Animal Communicators had told us about, that we were otherwise unaware of before that.  We took that as the sign that she was now ready to cross over, and we then did what we dreaded, but knew we would be facing.

We held her, and stroked her, talked to her, and comforted her, while she fell into her deep eternal sleep. 

Baylee...I just know that you and Clyde had a grand reunion.  I KNOW Clyde was there to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge!  Run freely now Baylee, on strong, healthy legs, and send our love to all of our other beloved pets that too have left here for that "better place".  Until we meet again Bay....

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clyde1.jpg (16855 bytes)

  Born: April 5, 1996

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

September 17, 2002.

Clyde was a Great Dane, that stood 37" tall at the shoulders, which is taller than my horses!!! He was indeed a Gentle Giant, and in his eyes, he had NO enemies.  He liked everyone!  Baylee was also very lucky that Clyde was so gentle, as she was so mean to him, always chewing on him, and clinging onto him! He really didn't mind at all!

In March of 2002, Clyde started to limp slightly, and had a very slight swelling in the ankle joint of his front leg.  In May, he was diagnosed with Cancer.  He had a bone tumor that was quite common in some of the larger breeds, with Great Danes being one of them.

The tumor continued to grow until it became quite massive in size, and even though Clyde had been on Rimadyl medication, he was starting to show signs of pain and discomfort, and we decided that he would not have to endure any undue suffering.  When it got to the point that he would no longer put weight on the leg, we decided to make the appointment.  Dr. Canon was called, and he was nice enough to come to our home to put Clyde to sleep peacefully, on September 17, 2002.   

Clyde, we hope that the pain we are feeling in our hearts today, is the pain that has now subsided from your being.  Rest in Peace, dear friend.

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Champion Aikerskaill Moonmist C.D.

Born July 28, 1989.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

August 4, 2002.

"Rosie" was a CKC registered Whippet. She earned her Canadian Championship quickly, as a puppy, and later went on to receive her CD (Companion Dog) title. She missed the High in Trial for one of her "legs" by only 1/2 point! Needless to say, we were very proud of her!   After we had that under our belt Rosie became our "Resident Couch Potato."

Rosie lived a long, and VERY healthy life.  She was never sick.  She just turned 13 years on July 28, and was "healthy as a horse".  Her hearing and sight were going, but otherwise, she was healthy.  We were just commenting not long before, that she still had "a few good years" left in her....Just one short week later, she was gone.  I still can't believe how fast things can change.  It just goes to show us that ultimately, it is NOT US that can say that they will be around for a while longer or not.  We have to embrace every day as though it were our last.

Rosie had to be put to sleep on August 4, 2002, due to liver failure, as well as some kidney, and pancreas damage.  It came on all so sudden, and we tried all that we could, before we had to make that decision to let her leave us for that "better place", known as "Rainbow Bridge".  

We LOVE you and MISS you our sweet little "Snugabug"!   We'll be looking for you, and all our other four-legged family members that we have "lost" in the past, when we too cross over that Rainbow Bridge!  Hope you'll be waiting there to greet us!   What a JOYOUS REUNION that will be!!!

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Born April 4, 1983.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

January 5, 1999.

"Ruffles" also affectionately known as "Fat Cat" came to live with us as soon as he was 6 weeks old. Just shortly after we had him neutered, we had a bad winter storm, with blizzard like conditions. Because he had already been "tomming" before his castration, he knew what it was all about, and ended up away from home looking for girls when the storm hit. We looked all over the countryside for him, with no success.

One day on my way into town, a mere 8 months later, I saw a white cat on the side of the road. Immediately, I pulled over, jumped out of the car, and walked to him. He let me pick him up and hold him, but the minute that I tried to walk with him, he was all claws. I managed to get him home. He had lost alot of weight! Where he once had weighed 13 lbs, he had now dropped down to 7lbs. Everything that he ate, came back up. The vet said it was because their stomach produces different acids for digesting different foods, so his stomach couldn't take the change in diet, from birds and mice etc. to cat food. He had to be dewormed and stay on the medication for his stomach for awhile, until his system became used to the cat food once again.

He eventually got up to 22 lbs, and always kept himself spotless, and for being a pure white cat, that must have been quite a task! Several years ago, he ran into some health problems with having crystals in his urine. It was at that time that he was put on a special diet. We were also told that he was borderline diabetic. He was far too overwight, and we tried to put him on a diet, with no luck! He was on one for months, and only lost 2 lbs! Lately, he had been losing alot of weight, and seemed to be getting quite arthritic. I had him to the vet just before Christmas, and after some bloodwork, was told that he has Diabetes, which has caused him some liver damage, and he also has Hyperthyroidism, which in turn has caused a heart murmer on the left side of his heart. So, after nearly 16 years, we decided to have him put to sleep before he began to suffer too much. What a tough decision for a person to have to make! So it is with great sadness we announce that today we had "Ruffles" put to sleep. He will never know pain again...

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CH. Chrismo's Squeezably Soft

Born: February 15, 1991

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

May 29, 1996.

Exactly 2 weeks to the day after Baron died, we lost "Charmin" also. Charmin was my very first longcoat puppy ever born here. When we decided to "get out" of Chihuahuas, we decided to keep our very best just in case we ever decided to get into them again. She was our very best. She was a beautiful example of the breed, and earned her championship in just one short weekend of showing, and at the tender age of just 6 ½ months. But, showing just wasn't Charmin's "forte"! She did not enjoy running around the ring at the end of a lead. Her idea of fun was snuggling up on someone's lap...it didn't matter who's, just as long as she was there, she was happy.

Charmin had this self taught trick that melted everyone's heart. She would perch herself up on her 2 hind legs, in a begging position, and with her front feet, she would paw the air with them together. It looked almost as though she were saying her prayers. She knew that nobody could resist this charm of hers, and it always seemed to work, for she always got her own way and ended up on a lap somewhere!

Unfortunately, Charmin died in the van on our way to the vet. She had been having "spells" where she would get dizzy and lose her ability to walk. She would just topple over. It happened on rare occasions, but the day she died, she was going through this for hours, off an on.

By the time I headed to the vet with her, it was too late...she died on the way. The vet said there was nothing he could have done even if she had made it there alive. In his opinion, he felt that she died of some type of brain aneurism, but we will never be 100% sure as an autopsy was never performed. It didn't matter to us though, because no matter what the cause was, it wouldn't bring her back to us... Rest in Peace "Charmie"

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Ainsdales Mighty Red Baron

Born: May 18, 1991.

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge on

May 15, 1996.

"Baron", also known as "Bar-Dog" was the most perfect dog a person could ask for! His mission in life was just to please everybody, and he did it with such ease. Never before, or since, have we ever had people come to "visit Baron". We actually had some people show up here, specifically for that! Baron loved everybody! Age, color, or gender did not matter to him. He was always the "Perfect Gentleman"

His life was a short one, due to Lymphoma. He was diagnosed with this form of Cancer in February 1996, and by May of that same year, it had progressed so far, that even the use of steroids and medications were no longer working. We knew that one day we would have to make that dreaded decision to have him put to sleep, but didn't know when the time would be "right", for we did not want to see the poor boy suffer. He had done so much for us, just by being a part of our lives, that we could not be greedy and ask him to stay with us if he was in pain.

One morning, he made the decision for me. I had let him out to go to the bathroom, and he just looked up at me with such sad and tired eyes, as if to say, "OK Mom, it's time...I am too tired and weak to go on anymore. Today is the day." I contacted my vet and told him we would be bringing Baron in on that day. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do with one of our animals!

I held Baron in my arms, while he laid up on the examining table, and with my husband at my side also petting Baron, our dear friend silently, and painlessly drifted away to a better place where he will suffer no more, and where I know we will meet up again, and that place is..."Rainbow Bridge".

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We acquired "Kayla" from a Great Dane rescue club when she was a year and a half old. Her owners no longer wanted her, and we were looking for another large dog to replace Gunther. We picked her up at the airport in January '91. I was scared to open her cage, as she was acting so violently, but there was nothing else I could do...I had to get her out so that I could get her into my van. I took her into a fenced in area within the cargo building and took my chances. I opened the door, and she came flying out... just like a big old pussycat!

Kayla was great around our family, and even around young 6 week old Chihuahua puppies, but she hated strangers, and would lay there and growl at them with hackles raised for the duration of their stay. Finally, at one point, she lunged at our 16 year old nephew, and it was at that point that we had to make the decision to have her put to sleep before she injured somebody. A dog of her size could do a lot of damage, and we didn't want to take the chance on seeing that happen, so sadly, we had to have her put to sleep after just 5 short months with us.

Even in the short time that she was with us, we were very attached to her. She was so sweet with us...but darn it, it was too bad about company! As it turned out, her previous owners would lock her down the basement whenever they got company, and so she never had the chance to learn the proper behaviour around strangers. It was not Kayla's fault that she had to be euthanized, it was the fault of her previous owners for not taking the time to socialize her properly. So please people, when you get a pet, make sure you do everything in your power to make sure that this animal gets all of the required social skills that he will need to live out his life in harmony with the world around him!

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gunther.jpg (4305 bytes)


"Gunther" was ¾ Mastiff, and ¼ Great Dane. He more resembled the Mastiff though, as he was huge! He was a real laid back dog and loved people. The only things that he didn't like were our landlord at that time, who was a trapper and farmer and must have had just too many strange smells on him for Gunther's liking! He was never mean to the guy, never growled or anything, just basically ran the other way when he got near. The second thing he disliked was swimming. He'd love to sit in the lake up to his chest, but hated to swim!

Gunther started to get sick about a year before he died. All these strange things were happening to him, and we had no ideas as to why. The vets ran test after test, and tried this thing and that, but nothing ever worked, and eventually, on December 28, 1990, Gunther finally gave in to his sickness, and died.

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