Whelped January 7, 2017.

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"Macy" joined our family on March 5, 2017 as an 8 week, 10 lb puppy. She is such a well mannered puppy for such a tender age. She is a very well-balanced little girl.  She is happy, friendly, outgoing and loves to play. Even though she has her "bursts" of energy and loves to play like all puppies do, she seems to remain quite level-headed! She has great manners. She caught on to the daily routine here very well, and has fit right in with the other dogs. Her favorite is Abby, our older Boxer, and Abby seems to love every minute of Macy's constant snuggling.

We are looking forward to spending the next several years with this wonderful flashy reverse brindle girl.

Sadly, we had to have Abby euthanized in April 2017.  We ended up welcoming a new "friend" for Macy to play with, in December of that same year.  "Max" is a Great Dane, and he and Macy are best of friends!!  They are going to be enjoying each other's company for the next several years.

Nicknames include: Miss Macy, Macy-May.






Please be sure to check back often to watch for updated photos of Macy as she "grows up".


Please have your pets SPAYED or Neutered!

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We are firm believers in, and followers of Spay/Neuter of pets!

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