Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
Foaled: 2008
Palomino Mare
Approx. 14.1 hh

"Izzy" arrived here from Kentucky on March 8, 2017.

Izzy is a beautiful deep colored, strongly dappled palomino with blaze face and two hind socks. She has a nice, natural singlefooting gait. At just 14.1 hands, she is actually 3" shorter than the 15h she was advertised as being. With this in mind, she is a very substancial, well built mare, so we are hoping she'll still fulfill our needs. If nothing else, she'll be easier to mount from the ground.

Because of weather and my reduced  physical limitations at the time of her arrival, I have not been able to do much with her just yet. Once the snow and ice melt, and I am cleared by my surgeon to resume my horse riding and working activities (after my December 23rd hip replacement surgery), I plan to do a little work on a couple of minor training issues I have encountered with her since her arrival here.

Izzy seems to be a nice quiet mare, willing to do most anything that is asked of her. We are really hoping that she will prove to be a rock solid trail and road riding horse.

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Spotted Saddle Horse Mare
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Kentucky Mountain Saddle Mare
"Izzy"  pinto.gif (1438 bytes)
Singlefooting Mare
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